Special Care (Per Month)

Private Room, Daily Nursing Care, Daily Checkup BP Sugar
Pulse, Temperature, Oxygen, Daily Massage, Daily Physiotherapy,
Laundry facility, Meals, Family involvement, social activities ,
daily doctor consultation, daily vital checking, daily indoor


🌟 Exclusive Private Care Package

🏩 Private Room: Enjoy your own quiet and comfy space for a peaceful stay.

🩺 Daily Checkups: We’ll regularly check your health – blood pressure, sugar, pulse, temperature, and oxygen levels.

💆 Relaxing Massage: Take a break and unwind with a soothing massage.

👩‍⚕️ Physiotherapy: Personalized sessions to help you move better and feel stronger.

👕 Laundry Service: No worries about laundry – we’ve got it covered.

🍲 Delicious Meals: Enjoy tasty and nutritious meals prepared just for you.

👨‍⚕️ Doctor Consultations: Stay in touch with our doctors for regular check-ins.

🎮 Indoor Games: Have some fun with indoor gaming options.

👪 Family Involvement: Family-friendly activities for a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

🏥 Medical Reimbursement Support: Get assistance with your medical reimbursement claims.

Choose our Private Care Package for personalized care and comfort. Your well-being is our priority! 🌈

Payable Amenities

Medical Equipment, Medical Emergency, Ambulance, Blood Test, Medicine, Radiology Test, etc.