General Care (Per Month)

General bed, daily nursing care, daily checkup BP sugar pulse temperature oxygen, family involvement, social activities daily doctor consultation, daily vital checking, daily indoor gaming


🏥 General Bed Package: Comfort and Care

Opt for our General Bed Package, providing essential care and comfort throughout your stay:

🛌 General Bed: Rest in a comfortable bed, ensuring a restorative experience.

👩‍⚕️ Daily Nursing Care: Receive dedicated nursing care personalized to your needs.

🩺 Daily Checkups: Routine monitoring of vital signs – BP, sugar, pulse, temperature, and oxygen levels.

👪 Family Involvement: Encourage family participation, fostering a supportive environment.

🎉 Social Activities: Engage in social events and activities for a sense of community.

👨‍⚕️ Daily Doctor Consultation: Stay connected with our doctors for daily consultations.

⚕️ Daily Vital Checking: Continuous monitoring for proactive health management.

🎮 Daily Indoor Gaming: Enjoy daily indoor games for relaxation and entertainment.

🏥 Medical Reimbursement Support: Get assistance with your medical reimbursement claims.

Choose the General Bed Package for a comforting and caring experience. Your well-being is our top priority!

Payable Amenities

Meals, Laundry, Medical Equipment, Medical Emergency, Ambulance, Blood Test, Medicine, Radiology Test, physiotherapy, Massage etc.