Critical Care (Per Month)

Critical Care, daily nursing care, daily checkup BP sugar pulse temperature oxygen, ambulance max 50 km monthly use facility, milk with fruit facility, laundry facility, meals, daily ~ doctor consultation, daily vital checking


🚑 Comprehensive Critical Care Package

Receive exceptional care with our Critical Care Package designed for your well-being:

👩‍⚕️ Daily Nursing Care: Expert nursing care tailored to your needs.

🩺 Daily Checkups: Monitor vital signs daily – BP, sugar, pulse, temperature, and oxygen levels.

🚑 Ambulance Service (up to 50 km/month): Peace of mind with timely transportation when needed.

🥛🍇 Milk with Fruit Facility: Stay refreshed with daily milk and fruit provisions.

👚 Laundry Facility: Enjoy hassle-free laundry services for your convenience.

🍲 Nutritious Meals: Delicious and balanced meals catered to your dietary requirements.

👨‍⚕️ Daily Doctor Consultation: Stay connected with our doctors for daily consultations.

⚕️ Daily Vital Checking: Continuous monitoring to ensure proactive healthcare.

🏥 Medical Reimbursement Support: Get assistance with your medical reimbursement claims.


Experience top-notch care with our Critical Care Package. Your well-being is our priority!🌈

Payable Amenities

Medical Equipment, Medical Emergency, Blood Tests, Medicine, Radiology Tests, etc.