VIP Care (Per Month)

VIP Room, daily nursing care, daily checkup BP sugar pulse temperature oxygen, daily massage, daily physiotherapy, ambulance max 50 km monthly use facility, milk with fruit facility, laundry facility, meals family involvement, social activities , daily doctor consultation, daily vital checking, daily indoor gaming


🌟 VIP Room Package: Unparalleled Comfort and Care

Indulge in luxury and exceptional care with our VIP Room Package:

🏰 VIP Room: Experience opulence and privacy in our exclusive VIP room.

👩‍⚕️ Daily Nursing Care: Receive dedicated nursing care tailored to your needs.

🩺 Daily Checkups: Routine monitoring of vital signs – BP, sugar, pulse, temperature, and oxygen levels.

💆 Daily Massage: Relax and unwind with a rejuvenating daily massage.

💪 Daily Physiotherapy: Personalized daily sessions to enhance your well-being.

🚑 Ambulance Service (up to 50 km/month): Peace of mind with reliable transportation when needed.

🥛🍇 Milk with Fruit Facility: Stay refreshed with daily milk and fruit provisions.

👚 Laundry Facility: Effortlessly manage your laundry with our convenient service.

🍲 Delicious Meals: Savor gourmet meals crafted to meet your culinary preferences.

👪 Family Involvement: Encourage family participation for a warm and supportive atmosphere.

🎉 Social Activities: Participate in engaging social events for a sense of community.

👨‍⚕️ Daily Doctor Consultation: Stay connected with our doctors for daily consultations.

⚕️ Daily Vital Checking: Continuous monitoring for proactive health management.

🎮 Daily Indoor Gaming: Enjoy daily indoor games for relaxation and entertainment.

🏥 Medical Reimbursement Support: Get assistance with your medical reimbursement claims.

Choose the VIP Room Package for an unparalleled blend of comfort and care. Your well-being is our utmost priority!

Payable Amenities

Medical Equipment, Medical Emergency, Blood Test, Medicine, Radiology, etc.